About Shamco

At Shamco Management we are committed to excellence and take pride in providing a comfortable living experience. Our highly skilled management team are dedicated to providing and maintaining a quality residential living experience for each of our tenants. Shamco Management is flexible enough to adopt and operate with an “ownership mentality,” while keeping sight of the fact that we are, in essence, a service organization. We make a commitment to provide quality service and deliver this service on a consistent basis.

Management Services


  • Aggressive marketing of vacancies
  • Thorough screening and qualifying of tenants

Accounting Services

  • Efficient rent collections
  • Overseeing eviction proceedings
  • Establishing a trust account exclusively for your property
  • Compliance with providing property information for loan covenants
  • Coordinate property audits
  • Coordinate project tax return

Property Management

  • Supervising repairs and maintenance.
  • Hiring, training and supervising resident managers
    and other personnel.

Detailed Easy-to-Read Monthly Reports

  • Detailed monthly management reports sent on the 15th of the month
  • Preparation of cash basis or accrual basis reports
  • Preparation of monthly cash flow and budget comparisons
  • Monthly variance reports
  • Preparation of monthly income
  • Monthly distributions to owners or calculation of cash required
  • Tenant account auditing
  • Cash management including maintaining money market and checking accounts

To learn more about the services we offer, please call us at 718-856-4900 or email manage@shamcomanagement.com

Maintenance Request

For Repairs Dial 718 856 4900 Ext 1.

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