Father’s Day Weekend
June 16, 2017
Happy 4th of July Weekend!
June 30, 2017

Here at Shamco, we’re always trying to elevate the living experience for our tenants. From updating units and hosting events to building offices and/or gyms for residents to use, Shamco Management focuses on creating a community that feels like home. In addition to the new gym at one of our East Orange locations, fitness classes are now available to tenants at Glenwood Apartments as well.

Group fitness classes are now being offered to the residents at Glenwood Apartments. On Saturday, June 17th, residents joined in on the fun with certified fitness and wellness coach, Victorie Flanagan. They experienced a range of workouts including low impact to full body blast classes. The 45-minute sessions were designed to help residents develop core strength while getting a full body workout.

Glenwood Apartments group fitness classes are a great way for their residents to exercise in a fun and motivating environment. Whether it’s high intensity or low impact, the classes are intended for all residents at every level. Not only do they get to experience an amazing workout while listening to their favorite tunes, but they get to enjoy the health benefits as well.

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