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August 3, 2018
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August 17, 2018

When it comes to decorating your new apartment, the tiny details of how you choose to organize and decorate your new place make the world of a difference! Learn how to make the most of your space and stay clutter-free with these tips:

Choose furniture that allows for multiple purposes

  • Use a dresser as a TV stand and use the drawers to store blankets, DVD’s, personal belongings and more
  • Select a bed frame that includes storage shelves or drawers underneath
  • Select a coffee table or entryway table that includes shelves, cubbies, or drawers
  • The Kallax unit from IKEA is a dual purpose piece that is functional and stylish



Make the most out of spaces that normally go to waste

  • Buy hanging baskets or cubbies to put above the empty space in your bathroom vanity above your shampoos and soaps
  • Use the insides of cabinet doors to hang extra storage baskets by adding Command Strip Hooks
  • Use mason jars to store your dry ingredients in the kitchen and ditch the packaging that often takes up too much unnecessary space


Decorate smarter

  • When hanging drapes for your windows, install your curtain rod above your windows to draw the eye upward
  • Bookcases function as storage and decor. Find tall bookcases to give yourself more storage and make your space appear larger
  • Use an area rug to help define the space, even if your apartment has carpeting this small detail will help create a defined area while bringing personality to the space

Image: Up to Date Interiors


Sources: Storage Solutions, Decor in Small Spaces, Small Scale IKEA Furniture

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