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How to Prep Your Living Room for Watching Football

We can’t believe it’s already Labor Day weekend! Where did summer go? We are sad that summer is coming to an end however, we are extremely excited for football. How about you? With the regular season games kicking off just one week away, we decided to break down a few tips on how to prepare your apartment living room for watching the game with family and friends!

Create plenty of space

Provide plenty seating options around the TV for your family and friends. There’s no need to force everyone to squeeze on your couch! Try arranging pillows and cushions on the floor for extra seating and perhaps move your coffee table out of the way to accommodate a large group.

Remove anything breakable

We all can get a little animated watching the game! Take the time to remove anything that is breakable such as glass decor, vases, etc. from your living room so no accidental flares of passion ruin any of your prized possessions!

Have snacks in the kitchen

If you are hosting a get together at your apartment to watch the game, you are most likely going to hang out pre-game, right? Of course you’ll have plenty of food, drinks and snacks for your guests but that means there is always a chance for a spill. Instead of keeping the food and beverages on the coffee table or side tables in your living room, have them placed on the kitchen table or counter so that your guests are more inclined to consume them in the kitchen rather than your living room. That way, if there’s a spill, it will be an easier clean-up in your kitchen.

Well, there you have it! Follow these three simple tips and you will be the ultimate host for game day. We hope everyone has a safe Labor Day weekend!





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