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June 14, 2016
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June 14, 2016
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Spring Cleaning and How it can Affect your Life!

Spring cleaning may just sound like another hoax to get us to clean our dirty places, trust me I don’t want to clean my room either. Everything has its place and I’m pretty sure I know where it all is. Well most of the time. Nevertheless, spring cleaning may just be the answer to all of our problems. We’re always talking about wanting peace of mind and wanting to be happy, well studies show that a clean space leads to happiness ( Cleaning your space promotes better health, clarity in life and desires, stress reduction, organization throughout other aspects of your daily routine, prevention of infestation, and overall a happier life. “It’s easy to blame spring pollen for any congestion and stuffiness you’re experiencing, but the real culprit may be living in your house.” (

Heres an article you can read on how spring cleaning can promote good health!

Cleaning may be overwhelming if you know you have a lot to clean and not a lot of time in the day, but just doing little by little can make a world of a difference. start by clearing of your kitchen counter and cleaning it down, then go on to the next mess, maybe take it day by day. Don’t do it all at once it might over stress you and turn you off to cleaning all together.

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