Living Your Best Life: Our Changing World
November 3, 2017
Bringing Tenants and Landlord Together.
November 17, 2017
Living Your Best Life: Our Changing World
November 3, 2017
Bringing Tenants and Landlord Together.
November 17, 2017

As always, Shamco Management aims to be actively involved with our tenants and the community around our buildings. Recently, we had the opportunity to partner with the Chashama Art Organization once again for an event at one of our buildings.

On Saturday, Nov. 4th, Shamco Management tenants of 1 St. Paul’s Court in Brooklyn enjoyed an afternoon with the New York-based non-profit arts organization. Children and adults enjoyed arts and crafts, drawings by Mr. Shadow as well as Mr. Clown. The afternoon was filled with “red light, green light, one, two, three!” Hoola Hoops! and lots of fun for everyone.

When asked, “Why do you do this?”, Alan Shamah, CEO of Shamah Properties, replied,

“Anything that creates community, and brings people together in an atmosphere of mutual interest is meaningful to me, and that is why we do it.”

We were fortunate that Mr. Shadow attended and shared his art and poetry with us:


You must realize when the dream is over
and reality sets in.
It’s time to become a productive citizen
of the community, city and the world.

Many times when we seek change
the hardest test is to find the will power,
to pull away from friends who have not as yet
decided to make or have goals,
above and beyond jewelry, cars and clothes.

When you seek positive change
old friends stop speaking, but new ones begin.
You now have a dream and a goal to achieve.
You are no longer hanging up and down the streets,
you now know who you are.

You see a way to make a brighter day,
you refused to let anything stand in your way.
Now you possess the power of positive thinking,
which is the key to success.

You now have hope, you are in control
of what thoughts enter your soul
to help you reach your beautiful goals.

You are now able to proudly stand under the stars,
and tell the world who you really are
with love in your heart.

You are now aware and realize
that when you think low, you live a low life.
When you think great,
you do great things for your life.

There is no mystery in life, when you plant apple seeds,
you grow apple trees……It’s very simple!
Your thoughts are the seeds of your lives, wrong or right.
You have the power to feel as you like, happy or sad.

When you think successful you work at your best.
When you think as a failure, you give up your life flow
and let someone else take control, and decide
how high you grow and how far you go.

I realize God did not give my brain to the next man
and no one owes me a thing.
Because as long as I wait for another man…. my life,
is slipping out of my hands into someone else’s plan.

I realize it’s not the other guy holding down my dreams,
It’s me! It’s me, who is running away from reality,
and responsibility to become a productive citizen of my community, city and world.

I must read more and study more
And seek people on my creative level.
In turn, I am able to set a positive image
for another boy or girl, who may be lost or confused.

Who may just need someone positive to sit and talk to
just to help them on towards a brighter day.
For them to pass on to their children
to live a reality, and not a dream.

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