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October 4, 2019
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October 25, 2019
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Health & Wellness: Shamco Management does their part for a Cleaner Environment

Being committed to a comfortable living experience goes beyond the amenities available in Shamah Properties’ buildings; it’s about building a better community and doing whatever we can to create a healthier planet. Alan Shamah, Shamco Management and Shamah Properties owner, was recently interviewed for an article regarding the Carbon Reduction law in NYC:

Alan Shamah, a mid-sized landlord…wants to do his part to make energy-efficient changes to his buildings.

To do so, he has installed an ENTECH boiler control system, which analyzes operation to cut energy costs when providing heat and hot water. Shamah also switched all but three of his properties from oil to natural gas, wrapped his heating pipes and added adjustable air valves to radiators through an incentive-based program with Con Edison.

“If I can be using less energy, why wouldn’t I want to?” Shamah says.

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