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September 1, 2017
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September 15, 2017

With the heat winding down and the cool creeping in, it is beginning to feel like fall! New seasons are always fun, and autumn might just be our favorite. New school years have started, football season is back, the foliage is starting to change and there is no shortage of apple or pumpkin spiced deliciousness readily available. However, if you’re in a ‘fall funk’ and not as excited about this season as we are, let us help you get in the spirit with some of our favorite fall bucket list items from Country Living: 

#1 – Go apple picking! A time honored tradition that is both enjoyable and delicious. Who needs canned apple pie filling when you can make your own using fresh apples?!

#5 – Take a drive to see fall foliage. Open country roads in the fall are stunningly beautiful and picturesque. Fill up the tank and cruise with the windows down while it’s still warm enough to do so.

#6 – Bring a fresh pie to a neighbor! Because who doesn’t love pie?!!

#9 – Take your family to a fall festival. Autumn festivals pop up everywhere around the country and are always fun with activities, great food and lots to celebrate the season!

#13 – Bake pumpkin bread. Just do it. You’ll thank us later!

#22 – Go on a hayride! Fun for the whole family and oddly extremely comfortable. Plus, they usually lead to pumpkin patches!

#24 – Toast pumpkin seeds. Salty, sweet or spicy – they’re the perfect crunchy snack for fall!

#28 – Make dinner inside a pumpkin ‘bowl’. The cute orange gourds are good for more than just jack-o-lanterns!

#31 – Infuse bourbon with apple pie flavor. Why not drink apple pie in liquid form?

#34 – Have a fall canning party! If you were canning fresh ingredients this summer, plan a party to trade goodies with friends!


A lot of these contained delicious ideas with seasonal produce…can you sense a theme? So many good things are in season during fall, it’s a shame not to enjoy them! We want to hear from you. What are your favorite activities to do during fall? Make sure you check back as we will be sharing some awesome autumn recipes in the coming weeks.

For the more of  The 35 Most Quintessential Fall Activities, read the full list here

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