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April 7, 2017
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April 24, 2017

One of things we pride ourselves on most is the caliber of our tenants. Shamco Management’s buildings are full of creative and talented individuals from musicians to photographers and writers. We’ve been able to showcase some of our tenants’ skills before, but we wanted to provide another platform where their talents could be shared. For that reason, we have created the Tenant Poets Corner here on the blog. We welcome writing submissions from any and all of our tenants and will periodically select a piece to publish here on the blog. If you have any questions or would like to submit a piece to be published on the blog, please reach out to us at:

We can’t start a Tenant Poets Corner without kicking things off with a poem! So here is the inaugural post for the Tenant Poets Corner,  generously provided by Ms. Georgia Thornton.


To Grow Apart Together

Two seeds pod side by side in the fields,


Nurtured by rich, dark, soil;

bathed in rains and sun, and kissed;

daily – in morning’s early dew;


Together, side by side –

they grew…and grew…and grew.


One became a strong, resilient plant,

the other a delicate flower.

One complimented the other;

they were together every hour…


Then, through fate they were separated, and

put on different rows… then transplanted

from that garden,

by hands that held cold, steel hoes.


They never did grow the same again,

since their time in the beautiful

garden, but their seeds had fallen in the

same old row and sprouted a aplant anew,


connecting them for life, those two;


to grow — apart — together.

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