Mother’s Day Gift Guide
May 6, 2020
Mother’s Day Gift Guide
May 6, 2020

Being that most of us have been spending more time at home than usual we are itching to refresh and brightin our space.

Here are some tips and tricks to give your apartment the ultimate detox it so badly needs!

green leafed plant
  1. Add some mirrors to your walls and countertops. Mirrors can give the appearance of a brighter and more spacioius home. There is nothing like a sun filled or light filled apartment that will lift your mood.

labeled bottle lot

2. Essential oils and a diffuser. Aromatherapy is known to be a mood lifter and vibe changer. Investing in an essential oil diffuser and some oils is so worth it! Within minutes your apartment can go from smelling like last nights dinner to a field of lavender.

white and brown ceramic vase on white wooden shelf

3. Organize a cluttered space. Even if the space is hidden (not a display shelf) this may be taking away from the freshness of your home. Clutter and non organized spaces can make a place feel less calm. Don’t go crazy trying to do your whole home at once, take one space at a time and notice the difference.

pink petaled flower centerpiece in clear glass vase

4. Buy yourself a fresh bouquet of flowers or a plant. Plants and flowers bring so much life to a space and make the mood so much happier. If you don’t want to replace the flowers weekly you can also buy a faux bouquet.

5. Move around your furniture. Sometimes moving just one piece of furniture can change the whole dynamic of a room! Be creative and fun with this one!

Let us know what you’re doing to refresh your space with your time at home!

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