Pecan Pie Bars
November 20, 2016
Shamah Properties contributes to building “community” in South Orange.
December 6, 2016
Pecan Pie Bars
November 20, 2016
Shamah Properties contributes to building “community” in South Orange.
December 6, 2016
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Shamco Management Reaches to New Heights at Servicing Tenants

Over the past 3 years Shamco Management has been retooling all of their management

systems in order to improve service and turn around time to tenants. They have also

made several improvements in order to set their buildings up for great service for years to come.


To facilitate Best In Class Service Shamco Management made sure as part of their growth plan to

add to the portfolio properties that are close by to their other buildings. “Its important to

have your portfolio clustered and not all over the place” says Alan Shamah CEO. “This is how we

can add to our management staff and for them to be able to over see the portfolio because the

buildings are near each other rather than all over the place. At the end of the day after you add a

property to your management business the next day and the days after you have to manage it properly.”


Below are some comments tenants are leaving at some web sites recently.

These are real reviews by real tenants who live at Shamco Properties.

“We always want to know the truth with how we are doing, we encourage tenants to call us

and tell us or write to us. This only makes us better at what we do” Many of the tenants who

left comments are tenants who have lived at our properties for 20, 30 and 40 years!”  We are proud

to have long term tenants” Says Shamah. ”

See below some of the comments left on web sites these days!

As a working professional, I usually don’t have the time to write many reviews unless the situation really stands out to me. I have lived at 55 Glenwood Avenue, East Orange, New Jersey 07017, one of Shamco Management properties, for little over two years as a tenant. My apartment is very nice and it is very quiet on my floor, which I love! If I have any repair issues, I can call the 24 hr hotline number or the Property Manager and she will make sure my repairs get completed within a timely manner.

In the recent past, there were things I did not like as a tenant and I communicated that to Management. In those instances, it is my impression they listened intently to my complaints and addressed those matters expeditiously. Over a short course of time, I have watched the Management improved our living situation within weeks ( i.e., mounting new cameras on each floor so tenants can feel safer and packages can be left at the door; installing new carpeting in the hallways of each floor, which makes a world of a difference in the feel and aesthetics of the overall building; set-up an onsite free business center equipped with computers for Tenant use; open a free state of the art gym where tenants can work out safely and conveniently; a new lighting system for the parking lot has also been installed allowing for a brighter area and a deterrent to predators, in conjunction to installing new lights for the back exit area near the garbage acting as an added preventative to criminals and the many other new exciting things they will be doing in the near future. By making these improvements, Management is showing me as a tenant that they care about their tenants safety and enjoyment. This makes me want to stay here indefinitely.

I would definitely recommend this building to potential new tenants.”

“I have lived I’m my apartment on Caton Avenue for more than a quarter of a century. Shamco Management hasn’t been the landlord that long, but since they took over the building I’ve been just as satisfied if not more in some cases in their expediant response to any issue that I might have in my apartment. It took some time for me to get use to their way of handling thing, but overall I find their system very tenant friendly. Once you call the maintenance hotline, you will receive a response in less than 24 hours. If you have an emergency, your claim will be expedited asap. The property is well maintained and cleaned daily. My neighbors are like family. The least I could say is the porter turnover rate, that job has a high rate of new faces. As far as The super, he tends to talk too much at times. At first he was hands on but now he refers you directly to the office to obtain a ticket even if your problem is minor. In the past he would at least make an effort, but I guess his role has changed because of management. As for the quality of his work, it could use some improvement unless it something minor. I can say the super tries and sometimes it’s not due to his error but the lack of necessities to complete the job on site. My biggest complaint is that there’s no on hand super on the weekend, that’s when most emergency tends-to occur. You must depend on the maintenance hotline to find an available superintendent to come out and assess the issue. Now I’m speaking from my experience and that I believe the way you treat people plays a big part on everyone’s behalf. I’m very professional and believe in treating people respect. No building is perfect, but overall I can say once I got to know the management staff better and I started contacting the hotline for maintenance things have looked up in my favor.”

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